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"The court was persuaded by the testimony of Ms. McFarland. The court finds that the signature of..."

"I find [Hannah McFarland] to have an excellent analytical style. When she makes a comparison..."

"...You will see the court found your testimony very credible and determined the document to not contain an authentic signature of..."

Expert Witness

What Makes a Good Witness

What Makes a Bad Witness

The following are red flags of inadequate expert witness testimony:

  1. Exhibits are unclear by being too small, poorly reproduced or not used at all;
  2. The explanation is vague, terminology is unfamiliar, or does not make sense; and…
  3. The witness seems to expect the trier of fact to “trust” them and their credentials and de-emphasizes the evidence of the handwriting itself.

Is the opposing expert's opinion incomplete? Erroneous? Are their credentials valid?

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